Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sneak Peek: COWS, by Matthew Stokoe

Akashic Books is proud to present a preview of the forthcoming
reissue of Matthew Stokoe's debut novel, COWS,
selected by Dennis Cooper for his Little House on the Bowery series.

"[A] phantasmagoria of extreme violence, death, sex, bestiality, self-surgery, torture, and a really, really, really bad mother-son relationship, all of which takes what the marquis de Sade did and pushes it down the road a little farther. Stokoe is an able craftsman, which makes the content all the more horrifying as he blasts through boundaries and finds increasingly twisted ways of making readers squirm." --Publishers Weekly

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* COWS is available from --
not available in bookstores until February! *


  1. This looks like a really promising book. I love all the references to television and the false perception of the world that it can give. I think Jim Carey once said, "Somebodies got to kill the babysitter."

    The sample pages were strong and shocking. I love the descriptions used and how the boy hid so much much rage. When February comes, I'll get this. There is still something about having a paper book in my hand.

    Draven Ames

  2. Thanks so much for your generous and insightful words, Draven!

  3. I like how brutally honest those words are:
    "wanted to tie her legs apart and take a hammer to her cunt then walk out to the street and never go back... But he couldn't" ... How many of us have wanted to do something similar to someone - deep down at the bottom of our hearts in a primal way, but held it back for whatever reason, I wonder. I know I have. I think one day all these kinds of things will be brought out in the open before Our Maker and in front of everyone else, anyway... Better to deal with it now than then!